Ethereal Butterfly AF1

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The Custom Sneaker Co is Australia’s favourite custom sneaker brand trusted by thousands of customers and influencers across the globe. We lead in quality. We create the trends. We change the sneaker game. 

Each and every one of our custom sneakers are hand made with love, in Melbourne, Australia.

We believe in comfort which is why we've chosen to customise these classic OG all white sneakers. Here’s why:

  • The padded, low cut silhouette looks sleek and feels great.
  • Crafted with full grain leather in the upper for a premium fit and feel.
  • Air cushioning provides lightweight, all day comfort.
  • Perforations to the toe box allow air to flow in and out for cool wear.

Here’s our process: you order, we customise your sneakers, then they’re ready to be shipped! Ordering only takes a few seconds. Customisation time is listed in the details on this page. Once your sneakers are ready to be shipped, you’ll receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number. Shipping estimate timeframes here.


Disclaimer Notice: 

The sneakers we provide are 100% genuine and authentic, they are purchased lawfully at full retail price. We then customise the design onto the shoe and sell them. We are not affiliated with any other brand or shoe company. By purchasing you are aware of the customisation time.

  • Choose your size carefully, please double check that it is correct before you checkout. We only allow size change requests to be made within 24 hours of purchasing. 
  • Each of the designs are added by hand specifically to your order.
  • Production Time / Turnaround Time = Estimated 4-6 weeks before dispatch. Depends on the order volume at the time. We are working hard to get all orders out as quickly as possible.
  • Sneakers come in the original shoe box.
  • All sales are final. Non refundable / No exchanges.
  • You will receive either a Youth, Men or Women size shoe depending on stock availability. We have carefully matched sizes to the equivalent where necessary. This allows smoother turnaround time and avoids unnecessary delays.
  • The price includes the design added on by us and the shoe purchased from an authorised retailer. We source the shoes for your convenience.
  • We are NOT affiliated with any other brand or company. These shoes are NOT an official collaboration with the Nike brand. They are made as pure artistic expression. 

This product is a specialty item and must be worn with care. Not intended for daily use or rigorous activities.

How To Clean Your Sneakers: 

Our products are sealed with a finisher that protects the design and makes it more durable. We recommend using warm water and soap to clean around the design. Do not scrub or pick at the design! Do not put your sneakers in the washer and dryer. Do not use acetone directly on the design.

How To Store Your Sneakers:

Put your sneakers in a safe place when you're not wearing them. You can place them back in the shoe box or in your own choice of storage.

How To Care For Your Sneakers:

Try not to get your sneakers wet, especially because this is a custom sneaker. The finisher does protect the design however it is not recommended. You can use an extra shoe protect such as Crep Protect Rain and Stain Protector. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

How To Avoid Wear And Tear:

These are specialty items and are not intended for daily use. Wear and tear will occur if the sneakers aren't being taken care of and are worn constantly.


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